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With the start of the construction of the Channel Tunnel in 1987, adverts for Engineers of all disciplines went out worldwide to fulfil the urgent need for the skills and know-how required to undertake such a massive task.

Unfortunately East Kent got the short straw, as quite a few of the Engineers attracted to the task from their cushy "ex-pat" lifestyles, were Hashers! East Kent has never been the same since, as the still night air of Monday evenings, and the bucolic Sunday morning calm, have forever been broken by the shouting of ON-ON! followed by a thundering pack of hashers, rampaging across fields and footpaths. Wild parties were arranged (all paid for by the Contracting Companies), where curious as to the bizarre goings-on, locals (some whom had hashed before), began to gravitate to the fun and frolics, and numbers grew alarmingly.

The name "Friends of The Mole", came from the Tunnelling Engineers' nickname for the six Tunnel Boring Machines that were used to bore the three tunnels on the UK side of the English Channel. The club mascot had to be and still is, a mole!

Alas! In September 1994 the bubble burst when the Channel Tunnel was opened, and the remaining Engineers moved on to pastures or tunnels, new throughout the world.

Since then, the club has been maintained by redoubtable locals and visiting worldwide hashers, through thick mud and thin ice, and is continuing to be a strong presence in the European Hashing arena.

Do come and join us! See you soon. ON-ON

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